Below are some downloadable forms you may need to print and fill out before placing an order with us.

Prescription Form

Prescription Form (retainer and fixed appliance)

Prescription Form (splint)

Mailing Label

Affix the pre-paid mailing label to your package and include the completed form(s) before sending to us.


We pay return postage on all cases. We will also supply all mailing materials, labels and boxes.

Terms & Conditions


Each appliance receives our unconditional guarantee to be the finest quality available, both in design and workmanship. Any repair will be done without charge for six months from the date of invoice. All requests for credit or remakes must be made within 30 days from the date of invoice and be accompanied by the appliances and original work models.


Please allow at least 7 days in the laboratory for new appliances. Allow 4 more days for shipping of mail cases.

Allow 2 or 3 days in laboratory for appliance repairs.

Rush service is available at no additional cost, but you must call in advance and confirm your appointment time. Rush cases must be first authorized or a 20% Rush Charge will be included.

Billing & Payments

A computer invoice is generated for each individual case. The invoice is dated on the day of completion and sent out with the case. At the first of the month you will be sent a monthly statement of the financial transactions that have occurred from the previous month. Our payment policy is net 15 days from the statement date. We will apply a 1.5% finance charge for outstanding balances past 30 days. Non-compliance of these terms will result in loss of laboratory credit.

We accept Visa or Mastercard for orders of $50 or more. Prices are subject to change without notice.